Vermont — New England !!!

August 5, 2018 = Schenectady, NY to Bennington, VT

So far 3,400 miles ridden. 94,062 feet of elevation climbed.

129 miles from home.

Today 53 Miles, 5.5 hours, 2300 feet of elevation climb.

Today I began on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trial out of Schenectady, NY and was able to stay on this nice paved trail for about 1/2 of the ride.

Here is a video and some photos from the trail. The trail follows the Mohawk River valley.








When I left the trail, I went through a small New York town where I crossed the Hudson River.

Once I was over the Hudson (which flows into NY City), it was more hills in Eastern NY and then Vermont.

At one point Google Maps put up a little banner and she said “Welcome to Vermont”. That was my only indication that I had crossed the state line. There was no “Welcome to Vermont” sign for me to selfie with (sorry).

This is the first flock of sheep I have seen on this trip. It was a good reminder that today is Sunday, and that next Sunday, I’ll be worshipping with my home church in New Hampshire. I praise the Lord for that.



Around 10 miles past this fun deli in Hoosick, NY, I passed into Vermont. No fanfare. Just Google’s “Welcome to Vermont” message.

Here is a covered bridge right around where I entered VT.

I spend the night in Bennington, Vermont this evening. Tomorrow I’ll ride to Brattleboro, and then Tuesday to Nashua, NH (home in other words). The trip is just about over.

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  1. First time I’ve seen so many other bikers with you on a trail. You must be excited to be so close to home. I am really proud of you Jeff. This was not an easy trip. What’s neDT on your bucket list? Wish we were there to greet your homecoming. Aunt Debbie

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