To the streets…

August 2, 2018 = Newark, NY to Syracuse, NY

So far 3,219 miles ridden. 87,828 feet of elevation climbed.

310 miles from home.

Today 64 Miles, 5.5 hours, 1942 feet of elevation climb.

When I left the motel this morning, I followed the GPS to an entry point of the Erie Canal Trail at the bridge and began riding.

After I had ridden around 1/2 a mile, I passed my motel. It turns out that all I needed to do to get onto the trail was walk out the back door of the motel. Funny.

After I passed by my motel, the trail ended and I was back on the surface streets. The Canal Trail really hasn’t been developed much in this area.

On the pavement, there are markers to show you what direction to ride to find the trail again.

I enjoyed riding through this part of New York today, through small communities and farms. I did have to get used to climbing again. I’ve been in flat areas for a while, so when I ht my first 10% grade, it made me work a little. All good practice though, for the 9,000 – 10,000 of climbing I’ll have to do between here and home.

At this point, the Erie Canal Trail showed back up — kind of? There was a river but no canal.

Then there was no river and just grass, mud and blood-sucking flies. Bottom line, after riding through this sort of stuff for 2 miles I was done with the trail in my mind and I elected surface streets the rest of the way to my motel. 

It was a happier ride at that point.

Video time…


Tomorrow I ride again.

5 thoughts on “To the streets…”

  1. I hate to see your trip end. I look forward to reading your daily post. Seems like you just left. Uncle Mike and I would love to be clapping for you as you cross that finish line. Know we’re there in spirit! Proud of you Jeff for accomplishing your dream. You are a true example of what God wants each of us to be. ❤️

  2. Glad you are almost home! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! I’ve loved following along this far. You’r pictures from the falls the other day were amazing.

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