The city name I can never pronounce

August 4, 2018 = Utica, NY to Schenectady, NY

So far 3,347 miles ridden. 91,762 feet of elevation climbed.

172 miles from home.

Today 78 Miles, 6,5 hours, 2116 feet of elevation climb.



Today was better weather than previous days.

Sunny for the entire ride.

This video is labeled July 4, but its really supposed to be August 4. My brain was tired when I uploaded it I guess.

Riding through the NY farmlands was pleasant.

Crossing over Interstate 90. I rode on the Interstate a number of times out West, but that practice is against the law in the East.


Most of today’s ride was on Bicycle Route 5.

They grow marshmallows in NY too.

Where are the super-sized graham crackers & chocolate bars?

If I had ridden the Erie Canal trail at this point in the ride I would gave been way down in that valley below, and not high up on this plateau (but the view would not have been as nice).

At one point in the ride, Bike Rout 5 crossed the Erie Canal Trail, so I jumped onto the trail for 15 miles or so.

The bridge on the right is strictly used for bicycles now. Nice to have a bridge all to myself.

I totally agree with this church sign.

Downtown Schenectady, NY.






3 more days of riding left to get home.

If you haven’t seen my Poll Question Post yet, then check it out too. I need your input.

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    You’re welcome. 😉😜

    We’re looking forward to your return, we miss you!

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