Spammers are evidence we live in a fallen world

With only 16 days to go before I leave, I have a LOT to do still, and one of those things is to get to the whole subscription thing on this site figured out. I’ve had people ask me to set up subscriptions so they can be notified when I post on my ride, but attempting to do so has once again reminded me we live in a fallen world. How you ask? SPAMMERS!!!!! SPAMMERS are further evidence we live in a fallen world. They are devious, evil, ugly little spawns of Satan, with their nasty little automated robots that search the internet looking for people who don’t know how to protect against them on WordPress sites like mine. I’m preaching on Leviticus tomorrow & unfortunately capital punishment is not prescribed for SPAMMERS. I wish it were though, but I’ll trust God’s judgment on this. My bike is somewhere between New Hampshire and Oregon right now, thanks to bike, and thankfully, two younger than me, more tech savvy, people in our church are going to help me set up a SPAMMER safe subscription link on this site…so you’ll be able to subscribe soon.

Disclaimer: In no way am I implying SPAM the food is involved.