Lookout there are geese on the trail

August 1, 2018 = Brockport, NY to Newark, NY

So far 3,155 miles ridden. 85,886 feet of elevation climbed.

371 miles from home.

Today 56 Miles, 5 hours, 620 feet of elevation climb.

Much of today’s ride was along the Erie Canal Trail again. I only had to leave the trail and ride on surface around Rochester, NY. By leaving the trail when I did (for around 10 miles), I didn’t have to ride through downtown Rochester. I have developed a fondness for the smaller (less chaotic) cities.

I still like watching the lift-bridges in operation.

I thought I’d video me riding as well, just in case people don’t believe me when I say I’m riding a bicycle.

Here are some photos along my way today.

I saw this sign and thought back to 15 minutes before. I was riding along and I guess I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe sleeping I was. Well, all of a sudden I looked down and saw that I was surrounded by Canadian Geese. They were on all 4 sides of me, so I slammed on my brakes. Did you know that geese hiss? I didn’t until that moment. I had a number of the geese hissing at me. I was very uncomfortable. I rang my bell and told the things to shoo and slowly enough of them walked away (still hissing) enough that I could get through. I may have nightmares because of this traumatic moment.

Here is where I had to ride some surface street through a quiet area.

Back on the Erie Canal Trail though a park area, whomever marked the route was quite creative with their direction arrows.

One of the locks on the canal. This was a lock I could have camped at, so I took a look to see what the camping area was like. There was grass, an outhouse and no water. That meant a motel was my best option for the evening for sure.

THIS TIME I SAW THE GEESE ON THE TRAIL. So being the coward I am, I took off and rode 90-degrees off of the trail through a big section of grass, then routed myself down a road, and once past the geese, I rode back across the grass and caught the trail again.

While I was doing this, another bicyclist (making all kinds of noise) rode right down the path through the geese. The geese scattered in all directions. Good for him I thought. Me, I’ll take the grass and not have all those creatures flying around me.






Today I planned a shorted ride (just 55 miles) because of finding a place where motels were near the trail and available. In the end, I was glad I had a shorter day, because 8 miles from the motel I choose, the sky open and the rain began to fall.

That’s all for today’s update.