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The Good News of Jesus Christ

God has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ to us, and that is good news for sure.

The Bible clearly teaches the concept of the Trinity. The Bible teaches us there is only 1 God. The Bible also teaches that the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God.

The Bible teaches that God is spirit as well.

The good news is God the Son (God Himself) came to this earth and lived life among us as Jesus Christ.

At first I didn’t see Jesus as good news though, because at first I didn’t know I needed to hear good news. Good news is only good news, when it comes in the face of bad news. At first I didn’t understand the bad news.

Just looking around me it became clear the universe was created by an intelligence far beyond that of man. Common sense told me everything doesn’t come from nothing unless there is supernatural involvement. Our universe is just so intricately designed, that there must be a designer.

It takes far more faith to believe in an unproven theory of evolution, than it does to believe in a supernatural God.

It was at that time that the intelligent creator revealed Himself to me; and with knowledge of Him came the bad news I needed to accept.

What is that bad news?

The bad news is God (the intelligent designer) has a standard & His standard is perfection. I learned His standard could be summed up in the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments are bad news, because as soon as we die in this world our eyes will open to eternity where God will judge us by those Ten Commandments. And here’s the thing, not a single one of us has kept those commandments all the time. We just have to break one commandment just once, to be found guilty of breaking the law of God.

Which one of us has made God the most important part of our lives all the time or has never put something before God in our life? And which one of us has never misused the name of God—never using it as a swear word instead of praise? And how about keeping one day a week as holy unto God, which one of us has always done that? Or what about always honoring our parents? And then there’s the “don’t lie” and “don’t steal” and “don’t covet” (don’t want something that is not yours). And let’s not forget that Jesus warned us if we just look at another person with lust, then we have broken the “do not commit adultery” command in our heart and if we hate someone or get overly angry at them, then we have “murdered” them in your heart (and God sees all of it) as well.

Do you see that if God judges us by the standard of His law, we’re going to be found guilty?

That’s the conclusion I came to, that because of all the bad I’ve done by I breaking His law each day, that God was going to have to judge me for my law breaking, or He’d not be a just God at all.

Except for Jesus, there’s not a single person who has ever kept every one of those Ten Commandments all the time, so that means every single person who lives today is going to die & stand before the God who created them, and all will be found guilty.

Sound frightening? It should. Eternal punishment for our law breaking is truly a frightening thing when you think about. The Bible calls that eternal punishment “hell.” That’s the bad news, so let me tell you about the Good News. It is the best news I’ve ever heard.

The good news is God knows we are going to be found guilty, yet He doesn’t want to punish us for our lawbreaking, because He loves us so much.

Because God knew He couldn’t let us off the hook for our sin, because to do so, He would then not be just, God decided to take the punishment of our sin upon Himself.

God added to His eternal nature, the nature of man—Jesus Christ—in order to stand in our place in judgment.

Roughly 2000 years ago God took on the flesh of man in Jesus Christ. Do you realize there’s more historical evidence for Jesus than for any other ancient man or woman who lived?

God became man in order to be punished for our sins (for my sins). Jesus took upon Himself the punishment due me (us) for our law breaking upon the cross where He suffered and died.

So that means Jesus has already taken the punishment due us upon Himself, so when we die in this life and stand before God the Judge in the next life, God will justly be able to forgive us for breaking His Law (for our sin).

After understanding all of this, I realized “good” people (because there are none) don’t go to heaven—only forgiven people do.

Does this truth of God’s forgiveness apply to everyone?

The answer to that question is found in Word of God (the Bible). God tells us through the Bible that anyone who #1 repents (turns from) their law breaking and #2 places their hope in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life, will be forgiven of their sins by God.

That means if we keep thinking we are good enough to get to heaven because of our good deeds, then we’re not going to get there because we’re trusting in our sinful selves instead of Jesus Christ to save us, but if we look at the cross of Jesus Christ and believe He truly was the sacrifice made for the forgiveness of our sins, then we too can be forgiven.

There’s a lot more to the story I’d be happy to share with you, so contact me if you’d like, and if you want a Bible so you can personally read more about the Good News yourself, feel free to ask me for one and I’ll have one shipped to you 100% free of charge.