Final night in a motel

August 6, 2018 = Bennington, VT to Brattleboro, VT



So far 3,444 miles ridden. 97,271 feet of elevation climbed.

62 miles from home.

Today 44 Miles, 5 hours, 3209 feet of elevation climb.

Welcome to the mountains. Today was a 3,200 foot climbing day, but the blessing was that I’m in so much better cycling shape now that I was 2 months ago, the climb was not a problem.

Morning video update — Leaving Bennington, VT.

I’ve been to all 50 States, and I believe Vermont is one of the most beautiful states in the Union. I enjoyed my ride today.

We’ve lived in New England and have seen more of these signs we can count — but we’ve not seen a moose in the wild yet.







A little on Molly Stark for Wikipedia.










New England Downhill Video 1

Downhill Video 2

Video Entering Brattleboro

Getting to my final motel for the trip

One more day of riding and I’ll be home.

That ride comes tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Final night in a motel”

  1. We are sooooo excited to see you! We have all missed you incredibly and can’t wait to be a full team again! We are all so proud of you and have loved following along side you via the internet on this journey God has brought you through!

  2. Hi Jeff —

    So glad you made it home safely. We completed our ride on Monday, August 6, the day you were headed into Brattleboro. It was great chatting with you on the road in South Dakota. I know how hard this ride was with support. That you were self-supported is an amazing achievement. Hope your family reunion was a great one. All the best, Brad Campbell (America By Bikes rider) and riding for Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

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