Canal Trail Day One

July 31, 2018 = Niagara Falls, NY to  Brockport, NY

66 Miles, 6 hours, 535 feet of elevation climb.

Today I began on surface streets. A lot of the time was on NY Bicycle Route 5 which at this point was the same as HWY 31.

It was crazy riding in the Niagara Falls area. All the drivers were not very considerate. a couple of cars turned into my path and others crowded me on the road.

What this all means is I’m back in the North East. I am closer to home. Long gone are my days of polite drivers out west.

But being closer to home is a really good thing, so I’ll deal with the less than friendly drivers.

Once I arrived in Lockport and the Erie Canal Corridor, I knew things would get better (at least with regard to crazy drivers), because soon I’d be on 300 miles of the Erie Canal Trail.

If I understand correctly, the trail is constructed upon early tow paths for the canal and also trail rail routes.

This is a pretty famous trail so I was looking forwards to riding it.

Beginning my ride on the Erie Canal Trail.

The beginning of my canal trail ride.

Continuing my ride.

At first the portions of the trail that were like the one that follows (narrow with a steep drop-off into the water) were a bit disconcerting to me, but after a while I just enjoyed the water and didn’t worry about accidentally riding into it.There was a lift-bridge at every city.

I soon saw a deer family. That was fun.Another video.

Then I arrived in the town of Brockport for the evening.

All in all a good day.