The Integrity Laser Story

In 1985 as a young mechanical designer working for a cardiovascular company in the medical industry, I left that company and was hired by a laser marking & engraving company named Laser Identification Systems—acquired by Lumonics in Camarillo—in southern California.

At the time, I would have never thought that three decades later I’d still be in the laser business.

At Lumonics, I made the transition from mechanical engineering to inside-sales and eventually to outside sales, where my sales responsibility was southern California.

A few years later I took the position of Western Regional Sales Manager for A-B Lasers, Inc. — an Altec / Baasel Lasertechnik company. Soon the sales territory I managed expanded from a dozen states to 26 — from Hawaii to the Mississippi River.

In 1998 I accepted an offer to move from California to Massachusetts to step in as Vice President & General Manager of A-B Lasers, Inc (which later became Rofin Baasel after the acquisition of Baasel Lasertechnik by Rofin Sinar).

After the merger of Rofin Sinar and Baasel Lasertechnik, I took a position with Electrox laser in the United Kingdom to manage their U.S. operations, which I did until “I got the call” as it is often referred to. That being, the call to serve God in ministry.

Beginning back in 1998 when our two teen aged children were involved in a serious auto accident, I began to rethink my priorities in life. Traveling 300 days a year as I did (leading up until the day of the accident) had only made me money, but with a son comatose in a hospital bed on life-support, I realized money was far less important than I once thought it was.

My wife & I, and our children then moved to Massachusetts in order to give us a chance to “start over” after the accident.

That car accident not only made me rethink my priorities in this life, it also made me seriously evaluate what comes next—when this life is over.

Bottom line, in 2003, I answered “the call” to ministry as pastor of what is today known as New in Christ Bible Church in Merrimack, NH (

Because I wanted more flexible time for ministry, in March of 2007, I turned in my resignation with Electrox and started Integrity Laser, Inc.

I suppose I still work 50, 60, 70 hours a week at times, but now my motivation is to work for the Lord (in business and in ministry) and not just for money any longer.

Owning a business provides me the flexibility to visit someone in the hospital or to sit with a hurting person who might walk through the door in need of a listening ear.

Integrity Laser was originally founded to just sell lasers, but in 2010 a major aerospace company approached me and asked if I’d do contract laser marking for them, because another laser job shop had damaged their parts and they couldn’t afford to buy a laser themselves yet.

Knowing I wanted the business to glorify people,  I bought our first laser and hired a person part time at 20 hours a week.

Today, Integrity Laser, Inc. owns some 17 lasers and has 14 employees and is operating two shifts. I just say; “Praise God for what He has done and continues to do!”

In case you wonder why I talk about God so much; click here.