A Poll Question for Everyone

The first book I read about a man’s cross-country bicycle ride was Old Man on a Bicycle by Don Patterson. In the book, Don talks about how at 72 years old he decided to ride a bicycle from Exeter, NH to San Francisco, CA—and he’d not cycled in some 40 years (if I remember that detail correctly).

Don bicycled from Exeter to Colorado where he was hit by a car and had to stop his ride. He came back to New Hampshire for the winter & to heal up, and then the following summer, he flew back to Colorado and finished his ride across country.

Now, in my mind, Don Petterson rode his bicycle across America, even though he had an 11 month or so break n the ride, due to his injury.

If all goes as I’m planing, Tuesday I will arrive home, but home is still 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, so I had planned on riding one more day to the beach, once I was home.


On May 3rd, 2018, my practice ride (fully loaded on the same bike) took me from our home in Nashua, to Hampton Beach, NH. That was a 57 mile ride to the Atlantic Ocean in other words.

Here’s the Poll Question; If I call that May ride, Day #1 of my Cross-Country Ride, will anyone accuse me of not riding across the country?

Because I’m thinking, once I roll my bicycle into the garage on Tuesday, it’s going to be really hard to convince myself to get on the bike one more day, just to do what I did in May—ride to the beach.

I’d rather let my body start healing for our trip to Disney World with the grandkids a week later.

Do you give a thumbs up or down to my idea? That’s the question.

21 thoughts on “A Poll Question for Everyone”

  1. Jeff-

    Having followed this blog from day 1 and knowing the preparation you did to get there no one can argue with the fact that you have literally ridden from ocean to ocean.

    A great and inspiring ride!

    1. George, next time you’re coming with me. Of course it will have to be a shorter ride, because I promised Marilyn “no more 2 month trips.”

  2. I think this is your journey, your experience, your accomplishment and it should be whatever you want it to be! If you want to count your trip to the beach as part of the Cross country trip then it counts and all that matters is how you feel about it. Maybe in 11 months you will decide to ride to the beach again anyways! You have my support Dad. You’ve done amazing

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t go home. I am a literal individual. It would nag at me that my goal was only technically complete, given the earlier ride. Id stop somewheres for the night, then make the final push to the beach where my lover waited with the truck and bike rack and we would have quite the reunion date day and head home the next day.

    However, that is me. I WHOLE HEATEDLY AGREE WITH AMY! this is about you! This is your journey! This is your goal! If your comfortable counting the practice ride as day one, stopping in Nashua and calling it mission success, GOOD ON YA MATE!! THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY!!! DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT TO YOU! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!

    1. Daniel, I did think about going straight to the beach, but then I thought that my dear bride would have to drive out there and pick me up. She has been such a loving, supportive, saint of a wife on this whole trip, I just couldn’t make her do anything else for me. She has already been doing banking & bill paying for the business, and supporting me every evening in our long calls. Having her drive out and pick me up, just seemed like more work for her. I figure I took enough wrong turns (like in Idaho and Wyoming, that if I stretched that mileage out from the house, I’d be about 30 miles offshore anyways. See you soon!

  4. I give double thumbs up to counting the beach ride as part of your journey! Whether it was practice or not, it was still a ride! This is a major accomplishment you have made, so yes, it should count! Can’t wait to see you!

  5. (Mom &) I agree with what’s already been said. This is YOUR journey! If you want to count that ride as the first leg of your journey, then it counts!

  6. When you get home your trip is done in my opinion you already made that ride to the beach.. when I tell my friends about my Superman brother the beach ride subject will never come up just that you cross the United States on a bicycle I’m proud of you

  7. Pray on it Jeff. You have crossed the United States and seen some of GOD’s beautiful country. How do you feel about it. Have YOU done what you wanted to do. Be happy, feel good about yourself and be content, at the end you need to feel fulfilled and at peace with yourself. You have done something you have want to do. God has Bless you with a safe journey with Jesus at yoir side. Love you, glad you will be home soon.

    1. Good advice. I’m happy with the trip and I know that seeing the diversity of God’s beautiful country has been very rewarding. God bless you.

  8. Who says “cross country” is defined as “water to water”. I say you are done and the practice ride is just gravy anyway.

  9. If your happy with your accomplishment,then your done.Rest up
    for your trip to Florida with the family.
    Stop and smell the rose’s.
    LVU Mom & Rob

    1. Mom, when I ride into the garage at home, it will feel like a completed trip to me for sure. Thank you for being so supportive (and prayerful) over these past two months. I will stop and smell the roses, and hey, we’re going to Disney World! Love you. Jeff

  10. God gave you the wisdom to make a shakedown ride to the Atlantic ocean!
    I am sure you leaned a lot. Mission Accomplished. Another day or so
    for the formal Congratulations when to arrive home.

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