was born so family & friends could track my journey across America by bicycle in 2019.

And although has been dormant since my return home in August 2018, the website is alive again as I plan my 2020 ride (God willing) from Key West, Florida back home to New Hampshire.

In case you don’t know me, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an almost 60 year old married man of 39 years who has a godly wife, 2 great kids and 3 wonderful grandkids. Unashamedly, God is most important to me, then my beautiful bride, family & friends, followed by business and then bicycle riding.


God is first on my list because without God, I wouldn’t be here and I would have family & friends, nor a business or bicycle. I exist because of God and I live because of God and I will die and be with God for eternity. Hey, if you have any questions about God or want to know a bit more of what I believe, you an click on the link below.

got questions about God or why I believe?

Family & Friends

The most difficult thing about my 2018 bicycle tour across America was being away from wife, family & friends, so that I why I like the idea of flying to a kickoff point and then riding my bicycle home. That way with each pedal stroke, I’m riding to family & friends and not away from them.


In 2007 Integrity Laser, Inc. was founded so my hours could be flexible to serve as a church pastor (a role I resigned from in 2019). Back in 2007 I just sold lasers from a home office, but over the past 9 years, Integrity Laser has grown (another God thing). We now have more than a dozen team members working two shifts .

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I just like riding a bicycle and have since I was a grade-schooler riding the streets of California where I was raised. I like the challenge of being alone on a bicycle presents, as well as the quiet time (when no one is honking at you) that allows me to pray & think about things that are really important.

This is Salsa — my Salsa Marrakesh touring bike-friend proved to be faithful through the flatlands, and up & over the mountains of North America in 2018 and I trust the same will be true, riding up the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.